LUX: Remember When

Remember when being happy wasn’t such a hard task? Remember when you didn’t have to walk around with a mask? When pain was from just a scratch? And not the feelings for someone you’d catch? Remember when life was a simple song? Remember when nothing you ever did seemed wrong? When you never had to … More LUX: Remember When

NOX: Losing flight.

He sits in his classroom full of people he doesn’t care for, Eyes fixed outside the four walls that he’s known his whole life. Up in the clear blue sky, he watches a few birds soar, Wondering how it would feel to be that alive. “Such beautiful creatures”, he whispers to himself, “So free, so … More NOX: Losing flight.

LUX: I did it.

I did something this week. Something scary. Something out of the usual. I jumped out of an airplane and fell a thousand miles and managed to return back in one piece. I was free-falling through the air, screaming my lungs out for the first time and it felt good. Even though my head was certain … More LUX: I did it.

First meeting.

Okay, 16 (…and a half…?) year old with a blog, yes. Hello. Don’t roll your eyes. This is probably my 3rd or 4th attempt at a blog in all these years and hopefully, this one won’t end up in the corner of the internet, lonely and unused, like the others. Reasons for creating this are … More First meeting.